As baristas, roasters & coffee shop owners ourselves, we know that a good coffee beverage requires intentionality, from farm to cup. We continuously explore for the optimal way to present each coffee, and our cupping protocol ensures that we only deliver the absolute best coffees that we roast.

What do we offer?


We provide all our wholesale partners, with the essentials of coffee service, including palate development and workflow training.

 Coffee Selection Assistance

Selecting the right coffee for your specific program can be a tough process. Our team is here to assist you on finding the best fit for your business and customer needs. We will find a right coffee for your customers and business.

 Customer Service

We can only do well if our partners are doing well. Stability of your operations are of utmost importance. For your questions and extra coffee needs, you can contact our roastery and management team. You can either send an e-mail or drop a call (any time within business hours).

 Maintenance Support

To help our wholesale club members in stability of their operations we've started Service Retainer Program in collaboration with Better Brands. As part of the program, your coffee equipment is under 24/7 guarantee!

Join Boxx Wholesale Club

Want to be our next wholesale partner? Drop us a line and elevate your coffee experience.

More About Service Retainer Program

  • Assessment of All Coffee Equipment

    To get started, Better Brands Team evaluates and delivers a status/diagnosis on all coffee equipment’s health and recommended maintenance.

  • 2 x 1-Hour Call / Month

    You can call the service twice per month.

  • 24/7 Service

    You can reach and ask for service 24/7. Boxx Wholesale Club Members have priority access.

  • Check Up 3 Times A Year

    The team performs the full manufacturer's PM Checklist for your equipment 3 times per year, with a detailed check up.

  • 10% Parts Discount

    Parts will receive 10% discount. The service package includes all labor for warranted work as well as the cost of Replacement RMA parts.

  • Retainer Program

    Special discount to Boxx Wholesale Club Members.

Brands Serving Boxx

We love sharing our passion for coffee with our partners. Meet the exclusive members of Boxx Wholesale Club!

Hear Our Wholesale Partners

We can confidently say that our partnership with Boxx Coffee has been exceptional. Their commitment to quality shines through in every batch of coffee beans they roast. The training they provide to our baristas is rigorous and comprehensive. Our customers rave about the rich flavors and aromatic brews, and we owe it all to Boxx Coffee. Their prompt service, consistent quality and their wide range of selection has made them an invaluable part of our success.

Oh La La

Boxx's consistency in delivering exceptional roasts is truly unmatched. As coffee shop owners, we're all about quality and craftsmanship, and Boxx has proven time and again that they understandand excel in their craft.

Jurassic Magic

For us, Boxx is not just the best coffee roasting company in the planet; it represents a partner in destiny, a companion on our journey. Together, as we introduce delightful coffee to new terrains, having them by our side feels like a true privilege."

Manivela Coffee Truck

Their attention to detail and support is really what sets them apart. They are only a phone call away and consistently reach out to offer valuable advice and help dial-in.

Basecamp Dinette

From Day 1, Boxx has been an incredible wholesale partner for xBloom to work with as we built our curated coffee marketplace. In addition to consistently having an excellent list of delicious coffees available, service has always been prompt, transparent, and friendly!

Working with Boxx has been fantastic. Boxx was one of xBloom's earliest launch partners and helped us pilot many of our business programs. We've built a fruitful partnership with them and look forward to working with them on every coffee release!


My first real coffee was consumed at Boxx Coffee. My obsession for quality coffee began that day and providing a beautiful product to our guests was our goal which has been fulfilled with our partnership. We are happy to be working with such a supportive team with deep knowledge and passion which aligns with our brand and mission.

The Good House