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The manual-adjust stop on Moccamaster KBTS’s brew basket allows you to control the brewing speed or stop it entirely as it flows into the carafe. This smaller-capacity brewer is a good option for those who like to be more hands-on with their coffee brewing process and don’t consistently brew a full carafe every day. Our double-walled, stainless steel thermal carafe will keep coffee hot for up to an hour – or even longer with the included Travel Lid.


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    1L, 3 CUPS (8oz)


    W 11.50", H 13.00", D/L 6.75"


More about Moccamaster KBTS

Moccamaster Certified Refurbished Coffee Brewers are individually inspected and hand-tested by our skilled service technicians. These brewers pass meticulous testing to ensure that the brewer you receive performs like new. Although these units may have slight cosmetic imperfections, their functional components meet the same rigorous standards as our new machines. We confidently back each refurbished brewer with a 1-year warranty.

Why Moccamaster?

With more than 50 years of experience perfecting the coffee brewing process, Moccamaster brewers and grinders are the perfect choice for those who love and appreciate an excellent cup of coffee.

This blend leads to the formation of a natural microclimate that protects cherries from frost and allows them to grow at 2-km altitude. High altitude Guatemalans are all known for their high density, which allows them to develop full bodied and well balanced espressos with cacao and almond notes.

Handmade in the Netherlands using quality European parts

  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty
  • Simple to use with a quiet brew process; brews a full carafe in 4–6 minutes
  • The cone-shaped brew basket provides optimal coffee
    bed depth for full extraction
  • While every Moccamaster brewer features identical brewing technology, each model offers options to fit your specific needs, from brewing capacity to carafe style
  • Available in over 20 colors and finishes
  • Engineered with reliable, replaceable, long-lasting components, allowing for straightforward repairs for the life of the brewer and grinder
  • Recyclable, repairable, sustainable, cleanable, BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalate-free